To empower therapists globally to use Pretherapy, reach more individuals, transform more lives, and build their dream practices.

We see success as a reality where therapists, armed with Pretherapy, can provide immediate assistance to those in need, eliminating waitlists. They'll have the time and resources to enrich their lives while consistently offering life-altering services to clients. In this vision, no one is forced to wait for care. At the end of the day, it's not about us. It's about you finding immediate, transformative care.


Mission: "Transforming hesitation into healing with a dose of humor and a whole lot of heart."

Vision: "To offer a joyride of self-discovery, turning therapy from a daunting mountain into a laughter-filled adventure."

Values: "We believe in tackling the tough stuff with a smile, imbuing every action with purposeful intent, and holding onto our reputation as tightly as a comedian clutches their favorite joke."