About Us

Welcome to Pretherapy, where we believe that every cloud has a silver lining, and even the toughest mental health journey can have a pitstop for a chuckle. We're the fun uncle at the usually-serious-and-oh-so-dreary therapy family reunion. The one who wears a Hawaiian shirt to Thanksgiving dinner, but also knows how to listen when it counts.

We operate in the mental wellness industry, but we aren't your typical wellness brand. We're the people who sneak up on apprehension, tap it on the shoulder, and when it turns around, hit it with a pie in the face. Then we help clean up, of course. We're here to flip the script on therapy – turning it from something scary into a laughter-filled, healing journey. We see life's dysfunctions not as monstrous bogeymen, but as opportunities for growth, dressed up in a clown's outfit, just waiting to be discovered.

Our flagship product? The world-renowned Pretherapy Box. This isn't just a box, it's a comedy show, a friendly guide, a game night, and a heart-to-heart talk packed into one. And it lasts for 6 weeks! Yeah, you heard us right. This is the box that keeps on giving. We've designed it to prepare individuals for therapy, to be a bit of a 'backstage warm-up' before you go 'live on stage'. And trust us, it's more fun than doing jumping jacks and tongue twisters.

So, who is this for, you might wonder? Well, if you're alive, reading this, and feel like unresolved trauma has been crashing on your mental 'couch' for too long, this is for you. It's for anyone of any gender, any race, who has been dealing with disruptive symptoms. You know, the ones that knock over the lamp at 3 am and then deny they did it. We believe everyone deserves a shot at therapy, even if they might feel a bit unsure at first.

Here at Pretherapy, we're on a mission to lighten the seriousness around therapy. Why should it always be about Freud and his obsessions when it can be about Chaplin and his antics too? We aim to break the stigma surrounding mental health, and introduce humor into the discussion. We can't promise you a six-pack from all the laughing, but we can guarantee some relief from the burdensome seriousness.

Are you ready to begin your journey with us? We promise it's like nothing you've ever experienced before. Think of us as your favorite comedic sidekick before you step into the main plot. The one who still manages to drop some wisdom bombs while slipping on a banana peel. So, come on in. Let's have some fun while we navigate this journey of healing together.

Still reading? Well, that's dedication. Don't you wish there was a box that could prep you for how to wrap up a web page visit? Oh, wait. That's us! Pretherapy. Here to make life's serious stuff a laughing matter.