Dedicated to making mental health care accessible and less intimidating.

About Pretherapy - Our Mission and Approach

Our Mission

Empowering Your Mental Health Journey

At Pretherapy, we believe in the power of taking the first step. Our mission is to make mental health support more accessible, understandable, and less daunting. We're here to offer a bridge for those who are hesitant about therapy, providing a tool that empowers individuals to start their journey towards healing and understanding.

The Journey of Pretherapy

Founded by mental health professionals and individuals who have personally navigated the complexities of mental health challenges, Pretherapy was born out of a desire to create an approachable starting point for therapy. Our story is rooted in compassion, understanding, and a deep commitment to making mental wellness achievable for everyone.

The Science Behind Pretherapy

Evidence-Based Approach

Pretherapy is grounded in scientifically-backed methods. Developed with input from psychologists, therapists, and mental health researchers, each aspect of the self-guided therapy journey is designed to introduce concepts and practices that have been proven effective in managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. We blend cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, and educational tools to create a comprehensive, user-friendly experience.