Relapse Prevention: Identifying Triggers Using the "People, Places, and Things" Worksheet

Navigating the Road to Recovery with the "People, Places, and Things" Worksheet

Recovery is a journey fraught with potential pitfalls, but knowledge and preparation are key. Understanding the triggers that can lead to relapse is crucial. Whether you are a therapist guiding clients or someone on their own path of recovery, our "People, Places, and Things" worksheet offers a structured way to identify and address these triggers.

Why "People, Places, and Things"? Every individual's experience with addiction is unique. Yet, common threads run through many of these stories, and they often revolve around specific people, familiar places, or particular things. Recognizing these triggers is the first step towards confronting and controlling them.

How the Worksheet Works:

  1. PEOPLE: Sometimes, it's the company we keep that nudges us back toward old habits. Identify those individuals and understand the nature of the trigger.
  2. PLACES: Certain locations can rekindle memories or temptations. Spotting them can aid in making informed decisions about where to go (or where to avoid).
  3. THINGS: Objects around us might seem harmless but can hold powerful associations. Recognize them and reshape those connections.

Maximizing the Benefits: By filling out this worksheet, you're not just listing potential hazards—you're actively devising coping mechanisms. Whether it's declining certain invites, changing your daily route, or even modifying simple household habits, these proactive changes can make all the difference.

For Therapists: This worksheet can be a pivotal tool in group therapy sessions or individual counseling, allowing clients to reflect, share, and strategize collectively.

For Individuals: Equip yourself with a tangible plan. Recovery isn't just about avoiding relapse—it's about actively charting a course for a brighter future.

People, Places, and Things

[Download the "People, Places, and Things" Worksheet!]

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