"Mastering DBT Emotion Regulation Skills - Free Therapist Worksheet"

Mastering Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Emotion Regulation Skills

Welcome therapists and mental health professionals!

Our free worksheet is tailored for those seeking to deepen their understanding and application of DBT Emotion Regulation Skills. Emotions, when left unchecked, can often lead to disruptive behaviors, strained relationships, and mental health complications. By mastering the techniques provided in this worksheet, clients can pave the way towards a more balanced emotional response to their situations.

Key Skills Covered:

  1. Opposite Action

    • Description: Act intentionally against a felt emotion to reduce its intensity.
    • Application Example: If anxiety prompts avoidance of a social event, muster the courage to attend.
  2. Checking the Facts

    • Description: Scrutinize the authenticity of an emotion or thought by analyzing its factual base.
    • Application Example: Feeling neglected? Revisit moments when you felt cherished and acknowledged.
  3. P.L.E.A.S.E. Method

    • Description: A mnemonic pointing to physical health as a cornerstone for emotional regulation.
    • Details:
      • PL: Address Physical Illnesses.
      • E: Ensure Balanced Meals.
      • A: Abstain from mood-disturbing substances.
      • S: Secure Adequate Sleep.
      • E: Engage Regularly in Exercise.
    • Application Example: Persistent irritability? Scrutinize your sleep routine and dietary practices.
  4. Focus on Positive Events

    • Description: Redirect your attention towards positive elements, even amidst tough circumstances.
    • Application Example: Endured a tough day? Highlight the praises received or milestones achieved.

Self-Reflection and Application Section:

Delve deeper into self-awareness with our reflection prompts:

  1. Highlight the skill most relevant to your present scenario.
  2. Narrate a recent episode where you adeptly employed (or could've employed) any of the skills mentioned.
  3. Identify the skill you perceive as the most daunting. How might you strategize to hone it?

Download the Worksheet: Unlock the potential of DBT Emotion Regulation Skills for your clients. Click here to download the full worksheet.

Note to Therapists: This worksheet is an invaluable tool in your therapeutic arsenal. By integrating these skills into your sessions, you empower clients to take proactive steps in emotion regulation, fostering resilience and emotional well-being.

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Equip, empower, and educate your clients. Mastery in emotion regulation is just a worksheet away!

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