Comprehensive Clinical Interview Worksheet for Therapists

Dive Deep with the Comprehensive Clinical Interview Worksheet

Every therapeutic journey commences with understanding. As therapists, our primary task during the initial sessions is to cultivate a comprehensive and compassionate perspective of our clients. The Clinical Interview worksheet is meticulously designed to guide therapists in gaining a holistic view of their client's life, history, and presenting concerns.

Features of the Clinical Interview Worksheet:

  1. Personal Details: Beginning with foundational details like age, occupation, and marital status, this section sets the tone, providing context to the individual's life.

  2. Presenting Issue: Understand the crux of the client's concerns, diving into the duration, severity, and impact of the issue.

  3. Medical & Psychiatric Histories: Gather insights into past and current health conditions, medications, and any previous therapeutic engagements.

  4. Family & Social Histories: Delve into familial backgrounds and social dynamics, two significant realms influencing individual psyche and behavior.

  5. Substance Use: Address the crucial aspect of substance use, its frequency, and any associated concerns.

  6. Lifestyle Overview: Glimpse into the client's day-to-day, their routines, sleep patterns, diet, and hobbies.

  7. Strengths & Resources: Recognize and leverage the inherent strengths and external resources the client possesses.

  8. Therapeutic Goals: Collaboratively delineate both short-term and long-term objectives for the therapy sessions.

  9. Risk Assessment: Prioritize client safety by inquiring about any self-harm or harm-to-others inclinations.

  10. Feedback & Plan: Conclude the session with reflections, potential interventions, and a collaborative discussion about the therapeutic journey ahead.

Using the Worksheet:

The Clinical Interview worksheet is not just a form but a compass. It navigates the initial stages of therapy, ensuring every crucial aspect is touched upon, yet remains flexible enough to be tailored according to individual client needs. Moreover, it underscores the importance of a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, integrating cultural sensitivities and unique client backgrounds.


Ready to enhance your client intake process? Click here to download the Clinical Interview worksheet – an invaluable asset for therapists seeking an organized, comprehensive, and empathetic approach to initial client assessments.

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