A Rallying Cry for Recess: The Power of Play for ADHD Kids

A Rallying Cry for Recess: The Power of Play for ADHD Kids

The Classroom Dilemma: Recess as a Bargaining Chip

Ever wonder what goes on in schools across the land? Here's a scoop from someone who's been peeking into classrooms for over 15 years: Schools often snatch away recess as punishment. Talk too much? No recess. Can't sit still? Say goodbye to playground time. It's a tough world for kids, especially those buzzing with ADHD energy.

A Poem with a Purpose

Moved by these real-life school sagas, a poem was born – a heartfelt plea from the perspective of an ADHD child. The goal? To open eyes to the magic of recess and to save it from being the go-to punishment.

"Please Don't Take Away My Recess" – The Poem

Imagine a child, brimming with energy, lamenting their lost recess. They're pleading for understanding, for a chance to move and shake off the restlessness. They wish for simpler instructions, for work broken into bite-sized pieces. They dream of being noticed for their strengths, not just for when their focus decreases.

Here’s a taste of their heartfelt words:

"I got in trouble in school today. They took away my recess.

They said it was because I couldn’t sit still, but I was feeling so restless."

The Heart of the Matter: Recess Isn't Just Playtime

Here's the thing – recess isn't just fun and games. It's a lifeline for kids who find it hard to sit still, concentrate, or stay put. When these kids lose recess, they're not just missing out on play; they're losing a crucial tool that helps them reset, focus, and feel good about themselves.

The Bigger Picture: Recess as a Right, Not a Reward

This isn't just about ADHD kids. It's about all kids. The trend of using recess as leverage to enforce cooperation? Spoiler alert: It often backfires. And guess what? Research backs this up. Taking away recess can actually make things tougher for kids who already struggle with the whole school routine.

The Call to Action: Recess for All

"Please Don't Take Away My Recess" isn't just a poem; it's a rallying cry. It's a call to rethink how we handle kids who march to the beat of a different drummer. It's about recognizing that for some kids, recess isn't a luxury; it's a necessity.

So, if you stumble upon this poem, share it far and wide. Let it be a reminder that for kids, especially those with ADHD, recess is a time to recharge, reconnect, and regain their focus.

Remember, a little understanding and a lot of playtime can make a world of difference for these bright, energetic minds.

A Rallying Cry for Recess: The Power of Play for ADHD Kids

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